4 Year Old Program

The 4 year old kinder curriculum is based around The Victorian Early Years Learning & Development Framework. This means the experiences offered to the children are based on their current interests and developmental levels. The staff observe & talk with the children working with them to devise activities that will keep them engaged. Whilst as educators it is our responsibility to ensure these activities are laden with educational opportunities.

We believe that children are more open to learning when they are exposed to a ‘play-based’ environment rather than a structured setting. The majority of the day is set out in a relaxed indoor/outdoor program with only a few organised situations such as a welcome, pre snack and good-bye group times. There are the impromptu child initiated (or weather dictated!) music, movement and drama activities.

Through our play-based environment the children will be offered experiences that teach them to experiment with science theories and that allow them to solve mathematical problems. Furthermore our program has opportunities for the children to practice their literacy skills – both verbal (storytelling, singing & music) and non-verbal (writing, reading & listening).

A focal point in the 4 year old kinder curriculum is self help and independence. These are ongoing developmental skills required throughout a child’s life.



Jenny Royes:  Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Green Group)

Jennifer McDonald:  Assistant Educator– Certificate 3 in Children’s Services (Green Group)

Nicole Mac Donald: Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Yellow Group)

Mini Manjuparambil: Assistant Educator -Diploma Children’s Services

Megan Hassett:  Bachelor in Education in Primary and Early Childhood  (Purple Intergraded Kinder Group)

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