Extra Activities

 Hey Dee Ho

The centre offers a “hey dee ho” session weekly. “”Hey dee ho”is a music and movement program for children aged 0-3 & 3-5s. The program is presented to maximise the learning process and incorporates strategies to address many basic components of childhood development. The children are also introduced to basic sign language. This can help enhance comprehension and communication skills.


The Range Children’s Centre offers occasional incursion activities which operate in the rooms for short periods from time to time at no cost to the parents. The following is a list of incursions booked for 2017.

  • Animals on the move
  • Tooth Fairy
  • Rabbit Program
  • Pet Education
  • Traffic School
  • Dinosaurs & Fossils
  • Vocal Enchantment
  • Wild Action
  • The Great Recycling Adventure
  • Library
  • Dream Puppets
  • Jawbone Marine
  • Kinder Dreaming